New Zealand Airline Crew Uniform

The new and very "Austin Powers" flight attendant uniform

Talk about some style turbulence!

Air New Zealand's proposed new staff uniforms -- designed by Trelise Cooper -- have got Kiwis reaching for their barf bags, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Why? Because the vibrant pink and black Lilly Pulitzer-esque uniforms -- set to debut in 2011 -- reportedly made "flight attendants look like drag queens," according to one disgruntled employee.

(Seriously? We are so booking a flight to Wellington next year.)

Cooper's designs, which were chosen over the works of 25 other designers, are said to be inspired by New Zealand themes, according to the paper.

"We have also been working closely with Trelise to ensure the uniform color palette works in harmony with our soon-to-be-unveiled new aircraft interiors," airline spokesman Ed Sims said of the "contemporary" uniforms.

The airline has also reportedly claimed that the uniforms were designed for a "variety of body shapes and work requirements," the angry flight attendant has claimed that the busy pattern is unflattering for large body types, and that the pink hue would show food and drink stains.

"I haven't worn that color since I was five," she complained to the source.

"I know airlines find differentiation very important today, but I've some doubts on whether pink conveys any national values," seconded Lucire magazine publisher Jack Yan.

Ah well -- every party has a pooper!

The new male cabin crew uniforms -- which include a jaunty scarf -- have been deemed "dapper," while female ground staff will wear a fairly tame black trouser suit, the paper reports.

This isn't the first time Air New Zealand has been criticized for its uniforms. The current uniform was reportedly dissed as having a "Thunderbirds" style when it launched in 2005.

Surely there's a "Flight of the Conchords" song in all this?

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