Rebecca Romijn with her twin daughters in Got Milk? ad.

Rebecca Romijn shows off her twin daughters and a frothy upper lip in the new Got Milk? ads. Photo:

Rebecca Romijn's life might have changed dramatically over the last 10 years -- she got divorced from John Stamos, married to Jerry O'Connell and had twins -- but her milk-drinking habits have apparently stayed the same.

You might recall Romijn's steamy 2000 'Got Milk?' ad featuring the then hard-bodied 27-year-old donning a skimpy bikini and a milk mustache in the middle of Times Square.

Now the 37-year-old beauty is starring in her second 'Got Milk?' campaign, but this time with her 1-year-old twin daughters -- Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip.

With the new campaign, Romijn is spreading awareness of a program called 'The Great Gallon Giveaway,' an initiative distributing hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk across the country. (Enter here to win a year's worth of the dairy drink for your family.)

The milk processors of the U.S. will also be donating milk to those in need in conjunction with a Facebook campaign.

"Milk is an easy go-to food," Romijn says in a behind-the-scenes interview from her shoot. "It's incredibly nutritious for its value, it's inexpensive and you can get it anywhere. When it comes to building a strong family, drinking milk is a no-brainer."

As far as the Romijn-O'Connell lactose family favorites, the former Sports Illustrated bombshell says they have a variety.

"We keep low-fat milk in our house all the time. We add milk to our cereal. We add milk to our coffee. We enjoy chocolate milk and plain milk," she says. "My husband likes to drink it out of the carton, apparently that's his favorite way."

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