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Q: I'm going to start working at a bank, and I have no clue what to wear! What can I wear or not wear?

A: This is such a good question! With outfits becoming increasingly more casual in the work place, it is hard to know what is office appropriate.

The good news is that you can easily fill any gaps in your closet with a few key items. Office attire should look professional but also not deviate too much from what you are comfortable wearing on a daily basis.

Easy items to acquire that would certainly suffice for a new job at a bank include: a crisp button-down shirt (or two), a sensible pair of black pants (no pleats please!), a classic black pump, a day dress, a not-too-flashy blazer, a pencil skirt, and a classic cardigan. With this mix of items, you could easily create a week's worth of looks.

Those essential pieces will look great and be very suitable. If you're looking to experiment a bit more, then a seasonal sweater dress such as the one seen here will virtually never go out of style. The added bonus is that it can be easily accessorized to your liking.

As for what not to wear, well, if you would wear it out to the club, it's probably not acceptable for a corporate atmosphere. Save anything that is too short, too tight, or too low-cut for a saucy night out.

Here are some great office options from Shopstyle.

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