Style and singing just seriously collided on our TV sets.

The poshest judge to grace the "American Idol" panel made her debut on the show's Season 9 premiere last night wearing a bold red sheath dress, raccoon rings of black eyeliner and a curious hairband with a tail.

Her gaunt look was a bit Scary Spice, but all was forgiven when British import Victoria Beckham turned in a coherent imitation of Paula Abdul and played the role of mostly nice judge at the show's Boston. Mass. auditions.

As Beckham took her seat between judges Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi, our eyes were astounded by her makeup. The rings of kohl eyeliner underneath her eyes were deep enough to rest on top of her cheek bones, which were accentuated by clownish blush.

Her black hairband was a what-was-she-thinking? distraction. It would make sense then, that critics have suggested her appearance in Boston may have cost her the permanent job that eventually went to Ellen DeGeneres.

Yet Beckham impressed us by being all business, sparing with Cowell, bonding with DioGuardi and seeming genuinely touched by some of the better auditions

Style-wise, she redeemed herself on day two of the auditions with a more understated look. Her blue silk sheath read a little formal for the occasion, but her makeup was clean, her jet black hair polished and softened by a fringe of bangs. No surprise, the fashion icon, who has also judged for "Project Runway" and European versions of "America's Next Top Model," took a liking to the contestants with more noteworthy looks.

As sexy Boston-area waitress Lisa Olivero exited after being rejected by the judges, Beckham's eyes popped watching the young lady's posterior. "Wow," she mouthed and drew an hourglass figure with her hands. We bet if VB had some of Boston's famous clam chowder she'd give that same response while padding her own frame.

Then there was her flirtatious exchange with Tyler Grady, a hippie-ish drummer who aspires to be a front man. Beckham broke into a coy smile while he sang and told him, "I like the whole thing. I love the jeans, the shirt, the whole look. Very cool." To which judge Randy Jackson remarked, "I think you just like Tyler."

Would we give Beckham one of the show's coveted golden tickets to Hollywood for her Beantown performance? Probably not. But she did dress things up a bit.

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