Heidi Montag shows us what's real on the new cover of People Magazine.

Reality star Heidi Montag confessed she's addicted to plastic surgery, an admission that won't bring too much shock, considering her ever-morphing face and body.

But we'll admit the "The Hills" star's claim of having 10 procedures on one day last November kind of freaks us out. Is she on track to be the next Joan Rivers?

We'll let her answer.

"I'm beyond addicted," she told People in a cover story that hits newsstands today. Montag told the magazine she has been contemplating the surgeries for three years, but kept her family in the dark about her total transformation plans. Her goal, she says, was to be "the best of me."

To achieve her goals she had the following; liposuction on her neck, waist, hips, inner and outer thighs, a buttocks augmentation and a revision of a prior breast enhancement. She also had her ears pinned, a "mini" brow lift, a chin reduction, Botox in her forehead as well as fat injections in her cheeks and the folds around her mouth.

Sum total? Above and beyond the call of beauty!

She blames the cause on her insecurity, which began with her family's move from Colorado to California when she was a teenager. Seeing so many other girls with breast augmentations made her feel, "flat and insecure," she told the magazine.
Celebrity only heightened her insecurities, she says. "People said I had a Jay Leno nose. They'd circle it on blogs and say nasty things."

Montag says her husband, Spencer Pratt, not only supported her decision, but went in for a few tweaks of his own.
Montag's surgical interventions may sound dramatic, but one noted plastic surgeon suggests her work was not as shocking as it sounds and fairly typical of celebrities. Just not uh, 23-year-old celebrities.

"While it is sad to see someone doing this at 23 for her five minutes of fame, it does not appear that these were radical or aggressive procedures," says Dr. Alan Gold, a Great Neck, N.Y. plastic surgeon and past president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The procedure that surprised him most? "The brow lift. Even a mini lift. No one at 23 needs one."

Gold suggests that Montag's admissions to People were for shock value. He estimated the time she spent in surgery at four or five hours tops. "Some of the things she had done were procedures that could take as little as 15 minutes. Even something like liposuction on a girl her size and weight, there just isn't that much to take out of the inner and outer thigh."

Still, he said, "As a responsible plastic surgeons we would hope someone treating her as a patient would have been more concerned with the ethics here and the appropriateness of these procedures on someone her age."

Montag's celebrity status sends a bad message to teens who may emulate her, says Maud Purcell, a pyschotherapist based in Darien, CT, who often treats adolescents dealing with body image issues.

"I would say this girl has an underlying self-hatred or at best, tremendous insecurity," says Purcell. "What's disturbing here is that there's a lack of belief she has any value beyond her looks."

This adds Speidi to the growing batch of looks-obsessed, California reality TV families. Last month Lynne Curtin of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" underwent a facelift while her teenage daughter had rhinoplasty.

As StyleList recently reported, even a small amount of cosmetic surgery can have a tragic result.