Lindsay Ellingson topless for VS.

Lindsay Ellingson takes off her top for Victoria's Secret. Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

First, Michael Bay directed the pyrotechnic-heavy Victoria's Secret commercial, and now the lingerie giant is offering a topless bathing suit. Looks like Victoria's Secret is pandering to the dreams of teenage boys everywhere.

StyleList previously reported that Lindsay Ellingson is featured on the Victoria's Secret Swim Catalogue cover in a racy cut-out number with detachable bandeau. Well, now the top is coming off!

Not only is the California stunner holding her, er, gifts in one hand, but there's a behind-the-scenes video of the topless photo shoot.

According to the film short, the topless suit is advertised as "Half the Bikini, Twice as Sexy," which leads us to wonder, what woman exactly would wear just half a bikini?

There are, of course, those European topless beaches, but the suit's lines aren't exactly tan-friendly. This kind of "twice as sexy" may very well be for behind bedroom doors (or for blowing up to poster size and plastering on the walls of adoring adolescent boys).

We're all for the bombshell look, but has Victoria's Secret gone too far in appealing to the guys? Let us know your thoughts in a comment!

At least there's one just for the ladies. Check out Victoria's Secret new shapewear, launching tomorrow, Jan. 14.