Cristiano Ronaldo Emporio Armani Underwear Campaign Spring/Summer 2010

Happy ogling, ladies. Cristiano Ronaldo strikes a pose for Emporio Armani Underwear. Photos courtesy of Emporio Armani

Beckham who?

Though we'll miss former Emporio Armani undies model David Beckham and his are-they-or-aren't-they-well-endowed briefs?, we'll happily rebound with the new face (oh, who are we kidding -- body) of Emporio Armani Underwear, fellow footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his rock-hard abs.

Hot on the heels of Megan Fox's smoldering shots for the label's spring campaign, Ronaldo's own mind-boggling hot images for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans have been released, and we're still mopping up the drool.

The black-and-white images for the Spring/Summer 2010 campaign were shot on location in Madrid by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who also snapped the Fox ads, according to a company statement.

We're still trying to figure out which shot is our favorite -- the topless one where Ronaldo does "The Uma," the topless one where he does "The Thinker," or the topless one where you can see his muscular hip peeking out of his jeans. Swoon!

Cristiano Ronaldo Emporio Armani Jeans campaign Spring/Summer 2010

Ronald's sexy Armani Jeans shot. Photo courtesy of Armani Jeans

"I am very flattered to be asked to represent Armani," says the soccer player in a company press release. "Giorgio Armani is a legend in the fashion world and I have long been a fan of his work.

"I am very pleased with the pictures we have done together -- they are certainly striking and are full of attitude and a spirit I can relate to."

The feeling is apparently mutual.

"Cristiano is a great-looking young man with the perfect physique of an athlete," Giorgio Armani gushes.

"For me, he is the essence of youth -- spontaneous, exciting, a real maverick.

"It is for his energy that I have chosen Cristiano to become the new face of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear -- for his youthful, exciting, and yes, sexy attitude."

("Energy?" Is that what they're calling it these days?)

Expect to see more of Ronaldo and his six-pack when the ads hit magazines and billboards in February.

Meanwhile, see which "Twilight" star will be giving Ronaldo a run for his money in the underwear model department.