Is Kate's dour face due to disdain for the paparazzi, or it is, gasp, her new hair? Credit:

According to this week's US Weekly, Kate Gosselin "hates" the $7,000 extensions she received for a widely acclaimed People Magazine cover.

"She hates it!" says an unnamed source. "She thinks her hair looks over-processed and damaged."

But these comments are in stark contrast to what Kate told People just yesterday of her new look. "I love my new hair," said Gosselin. "My last long hair endeavor was crazy curly - just like it is now," she said. So this feels like the younger me - yay!"

Kate Gosselin's new hair debuted on the cover of People Magazine. Photo: People Magazine

"Every day, my hair feels more like it belongs to me, and I am soooo in love - with my hair and Ted Gibson and his awesome staff!"

We spoke with Gibson, who spent 20 hours styling Gosselin's hair, about the shoot and things sounded peachy on set. "We stayed awake and laughed the whole time," Gibson told StyleList. "Kate is very funny and we had lots to talk about."

So when, and how, did this "hate" start?

First of all, we're not totally buying it. It is pretty convenient that US Weekly, People's biggest competitor, has a story based on quotes from an unnamed source dissing a cover that got People lots of press. It's no secret that there's bad blood between the two magazines, and we're guessing that Kate's new hair is caught in the middle.

But, Kate has faced some backlash for her extensions.

The criticism has not been over her hair itself. Most reviews have been very positive, though US Weekly cited the unnamed source as stating "She's afraid people will think she's one of Tiger Woods' bimbos!," along with the fact that Gosselin's nine year old twins Cara and Mandy shrieked "Eww!" when they first saw Kate's long locks.

The public criticism instead came after the estimated price of the extensions came out, which is roughly $7,000 and over the 20 hours it took to complete the look.

Some StyleList readers were miffed. Commenters thought it inappropriate that Gosselin spent 20 hours in the stylist's chair instead of spending time with her brood of eight.

"Wow, for someone who was gonna devote soooooooo much time to her kids, she seems to be devoting it to herself instead," said one commenter. "Forget trying to be something you aren't. Concentrate on being a better mother and person." Said another.

But those with children took Gosselin's side: "Obviously you don't have children. Sometimes you need a break, sometimes you need 'me' time. I have two, I can't imagine eight. I think she deserves it."

"It is okay for a father to travel on business and be gone for weeks at a time and no one questions him because he is 'providing for his family,'" pointed out another StyleList reader. "Kate is the provider, and what she does to enhance her physical appearance can only help her in a world that judges women on their looks. She has eight kids to provide for - eight educations to pay for - and she has been an excellent parent in so many ways."

So, what do you think of Kate's new 'do? Should she stick with the longer look or go back to her short crop? Leave a comment!