Kiefer Sutherland
decided to make a major fashion statement last night on "Late Show With David Letterman"-- with the help of a dress.

The Late Show audience burst into laughter when the "24" star emerged from backstage in a dowdy green printed dress worn over a long-sleeved T-shirt and accessorized with black leather combat boots.

"You doing a remake of 'Beverly Hillbillies?' You're Granny?" asked an amused Letterman.

"Far worse than that," replied Sutherland. "I lost a bet."

The actor explained that he made a bet with a "former" friend over the weekend that if the New England Patriots defeated the Baltimore Ravens, he would wear a dress on the late night talk show. The rest, as they say, is history.

"Quite slimming," Letterman said of the shapeless shift before inspecting the rest of the outfit. "But if you're going to commit to the dress, why not go all the way with stockings and heels? Maybe a brooch, maybe a necklace."

The actor laughed it off, before explaining picking out a frock that fit.

"You should have seen me shopping for this today," he said. "I walked into a store and I said, 'I'm shopping for a big gal.' And the lady said, 'How big?' And I said 'My size. Pretty broad in the chest.'"

While Letterman tried to up the ante with another bet: "You get on the subway like that, I'll give you $1,000," Sutherland wasn't taking the bait.

"Riding the subway would be easier than what I'm going through right now," he said. "This I think might be the most humiliating moment of life, and I've had a few to choose from."

We wonder if he's referring to his other fashion disaster at last year's Met Gala after-party where he headbutted fashion darling Jack McCoullough of Proenza Schouler.

In any case, we're sure this latest getup isn't scoring him any style points with the fashion industry, though, maybe a little respect.

Hey, at least he didn't wear "Mantihose!"

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