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You already know eyes are the first thing we notice about someone. They can give us a window into someone's mood, health and even age. With a few simple makeup tips, you can look years younger -- and fool even your toughest age critics.

After you have cleansed and completed your morning beauty routine, the first step is to apply a creamy concealer under the eyes. Find one that matches your skin tone and avoid anything that is lighter because this will only make you look older. Also, make sure your concealer has a peach or yellow undertone -- this will negate any bluish tint under your eyes.

Next, choose a softer, lighter shade of eye shadow to give your eyes a lift. Look for one that is sheer with a hint of shimmer, but stay away from frosts because these can get into the wrinkles and creases around the eyes and make you look older. When using shadow, remember, less is more.

Opt for a soft eyeliner and line the entire eye from corner to corner lightly. Black can be too harsh, so choose a darker brown or even a light blue which will bring out the whites of your eyes for a brighter, younger look. Finish off with a dark brown or black shade of mascara applied in several light coats.

Finally, update those brows! A great brow arch can lift your eyes instantly, but be careful not to over-pluck. Just go lightly along your natural brow line and fill in any sparse spots with a matching brow pencil or powder. Brush brows into place when done.

If your eyes look puffy when you wake up, this can add years to your look, so use a good eye cream before bedtime and in the morning. You can even chill it for an extra boost. Cold cucumber slices can work just as well too. But, for the best way to reduce puffy, tired eyes -- get enough sleep!

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