Light this and dream of a real margarita on the beach! Photo courtesy of Slatkin & Co.

Harry Slatkin created his new candles for a specific purpose -- to snap us out of the winter doldrums.

Knowing that his spring 2010 collection would launch in January he chose to develop lush, ripe fragrances reminiscent of a seaside oasis.

"This time of year I want sun," Slatkin told StyleList at a launch even in his Manhattan townhouse. "Although I love snow, winter is horrible. I want sun and I want to escape. This is a way of escaping -- you come home and light a candle."

His Tropical Escape collection features four new bright, fruity/floral fragrances including Caribbean Escape (with notes of melon, raspberry nectar and coconut) and Island Margarita (infused with a blend of mandarin, blue iris, green plum and tangelo).

If you prefer a more low-maintenance home fragrance experience (or if you have small children that can't be trusted around an open flame), the new scents also come in the plug-in Wallflowers.

Breathe it in and make the winter a bit more bearable -- the island-inspired candles are available at Bath & Body Works on January 18.