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Just as you choose makeup to complement your skin tone, eye color and age, your choices should also reflect the shape of your face. Don't fall into the trap of choosing the same products and applying it the same way that your best girlfriend does, even though she looks great. Here are some simple makeup tips to accentuate your best features and get a look that is right for your face.

An oval face doesn't require any corrective makeup because it is the most balanced shape, so you should show off your best feature whether it's the eyes, cheeks or lips. Eyebrows should be shaped in a natural arch, lipstick should be applied with a liner to create a full look, and blush should be applied in a "C" shape and blended up to the hairline.

Diamond shapes have a narrow forehead and chin with wider cheekbones. You can reduce the width of the cheeks by applying a darker foundation to the outside of cheekbones extending towards the outer corner of the eyes. A lighter shade of foundation can then be applied on the chin and the forehead to create an illusion of the width. Eyebrows should also be slightly wider to add width to the forehead.

A heart shaped face has a wide forehead and narrow chin. You can increases the width of the chin and jawline with a lighter shade of foundation and minimize the width of the forehead with a darker foundation. Lipstick should be applied on the natural lip line and a lighter blush should be applied to the cheeks for an illusion of width.

A round face needs length. You can achieve this by using a deeper shade of the foundation on the sides. Cheeks will look narrower if blush is applied on the cheekbones and blended towards the temple area. Lipstick should be applied on the inside of the lip line.

A square face has a straight forehead and square jaw. A darker shade of foundation applied on the temples, jawline and sides of the face will tone down the strong corners, and a lighter blush on the cheeks will accentuate the length. Natural eyebrows can soften the face and a lighter lipstick or gloss will divert attention from the square jawline.

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