Bar Rafaeli MTV Europe Awards

Bar Refaeli gives one hot peace sign. Photo: Getty Images

Uncle Sam wants you!

The Israeli army, meanwhile, wants Bar Refaeli.

Turns out the model and Leonardo DiCaprio gal pal skipped out on serving her country's required military service, prompting an outraged top military officer to call for a boycott of products promoted by Refaeli, the Telegraph reports.

(On the bright side, he didn't say anything about giving up Leo's movies. Phew!)

Major General Avi Zamir of the Israel Defense Forces urged students in Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, to boycott, saying, "I can't take on Bar Refaeli, but you can," according to the paper.

So why is Zamir so steamed?

Because married women are not required to serve in the military, the model avoided service in 2004 by getting hitched to a family friend, whom she divorced within a year, the source reports.

Israeli model Esti Ginzburg reportedly spoke out against Refaeli for not supporting the military.

Refaeli has reportedly also ignited controversy in her homeland by appearing in provocative billboards which have offended ultra-orthodox rabbis.

Last week reports surfaced that the LA-based model had set up an offshore company to limits her tax obligations to Israel, according to the Telegraph.

Despite the drama, the model isn't taking the criticism lying down. Her mother has reportedly lashed out in response, saying, "The general is a disgrace.

"Before they attack Bar they should check the government and see who in government did not join the army."

If the boycott goes through, Refaeli clients such as Hurley and Rampage could take a hit.

So, do you think Zamir has a right to be angry? Or do you think mandatory military service is unreasonable? Leave a comment!

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