Scott Barnes book About Face Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Scott Barnes' new "About Face" book. Photo: Karl Simone

Beauty is about a lot more then having great cheekbones, according to makeup artist Scott Barnes.

In his just released book "About Face: Amazing Transformations Using The Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist," Scott Barnes gives makeovers to 20 different women including celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Mariska Hargitay and Kim Kardashian.

"The message is most importantly about the power to transform yourself," the designer told StyleList. "It's about beauty for purpose, as opposed to beauty for vanity sake."

After years of working with famous clients, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz and just about every other A-lister out there, Barnes began seriously examining the idea of what beauty meant to him, which eventually led to the book.

"I started thinking about how some people use their beauty in a positive way to help others around them and to give something back," Barnes explained.

Sonia's before and after shots from Scott Barnes' new "About Face" book. Photos: Karl Simone.

"All of the women in this book are using their beauty as a powerful source to help others," says Barnes. Celeb causes include Mariska Hargitay's work with the Joyful Heart Foundation, Jennifer Lopez's involvement with the Children's Hospital and Kim Kardashian's work with the Dream Foundation.

"Beauty is about what fuels you," says Barnes. "You possess all of these amazing qualities and it is important to make you the best version of yourself."

Making ourselves beautiful on the inside and out? Let's bump this up to the top of the our 2010 New Year's resolution lists.

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