Wanna take a ride on this Fitness Disc? Frank Sepe models his HSN-sold workout innovation. Courtesy Photo

If you over-indulged at the holiday table this year and vowed to get in shape after that ball dropped, you're most likely setting yourself up for instant failure.

"People do too much too soon. They go from overeating to totally depriving themselves of food and jumping into a hard workout routine, and after three days, they're starving and sore - and they fall right off the wagon and feel like a failure to boot," Fitness Expert Frank Sepe tells StyleList.

To ease the transition from indulgent to in-shape, Sepe suggests a "weaning off" period where you gradually cut back on junky foods and increase your cardio and weight resistance exercises. Without combining all three, you won't be able to lose weight over the long term.

"The biggest key to a fit lifestyle is to find a form of exercise you think is fun. People confuse losing weight with getting healthy, when in fact things like crash diets make you less healthy. It's more about improving yourself a little bit each day, until you transform into a healthier you," advises Sepe.

Just yesterday, we got to try Sepe's idea of fun – his new sold-on-HSN Fitness Disc (pictured, above) that you step on and smoothly twist side to side for a rapidly intense cardio workout. The removable pole can be used for balance, or unclicked for an upper body bar workout too; four workout DVDs ranging from beginner to advanced level are included, as is a cushion to assist in floor exercises.

Seppe – who has moonlighted as a Playgirl centerfold and romance novel model – says he designed the disk to work for everyone; from moms looking to lose recent pregnancy weight to buff fitness pros alike.

The space-starved city girls that we are, we love how the five inch high disk slides neatly under our bed and can slip into luggage or a work tote for convenient cardio on the go.

We just want to know: Is the cute instructor included?