Paging Luke Skywalker fans!

Adidas Originals announced a "Star Wars"-inspired collection late last year, and apropos for the film set, there's a video short to go along with the campaign.

Starring none other than tattooed soccer stud David Beckham and rap icon Snoop Dogg, the video is a bit of sci-fi fantasy meets functional fashion. (Sounds like an Alexander McQueen show! Well, minus the "functional" part.)

Originals is Adidas' more forward athletic line with the manifesto "celebrate originality." But before you head out to get first dibs on the collaborative designs, be prepared for the sad fact that you might have to fight off a light saber or two.

The "Star Wars" and Adidas Originals collection just launched in the U.S. and is available at all Adidas Originals stores.

May the fashion force be with you.

And Beckham isn't just a pretty face for the sporty brand -- he's a designer for the brand, too.