Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha tells us about her new fashion line. Photo: Getty Images

Model-of-the moment Coco Rocha has a full dance card these days!

With a budding career as a TV hostess and a new fashion line, it won't be long before Rocha becomes the second most famous Coco in the fashion biz.

StyleList was lucky enough to steal a few moments of Rocha's time before she hands out the award tonight to the winner of Supima's design competition.

StyleList: What can you tell us about your new fashion line?
Coco Rocha: It's a little hush-hush right now, as we're just waiting for the final legal ok on a few things, including the name. But I am going to be wearing a piece from the collection for the first time to the Grammys [Jan. 32], where I am going to be corresponding for ET Canada. What I'm inspired by is vintage clothing, especially things from the 1800s, the Elizabethan times.

But wearing anything from that period is like wearing a costume, so I'm trying to find a way to modernize it. When I wake up in the morning I'm all about puffy sleeves, buttoned-up shirts. What I'll be designing won't be surprising. It's launching, hopefully, Fashion Week in September 2010.

SL: What will you be wearing this spring?
CR: I have my favorites, which are mostly the young designers from New York: Rag & Bone, Peter Som, Thakoon, Rodarte. All of their lines are very wearable, even more so than the Parisians or the Italians. I'm making it a goal to wear more colors. People always tell me I wear too much black on the red carpet.

SL: What are your fashion staples?
CR: I like my high boots and my riding boots. I like my capes. I have a long coat that I wear from the late 1800s. I make sure I'm not wearing a costume from head to toe, but I do like my period pieces. I have this piece from Rag & Bone that transforms from a scarf to a hoodie.

SL: What's the one trend you will never wear?

CR: Uggs!

SL: What are your beauty secrets?

CR: I don't know if I have so many secrets, but I try to drink a lot of water. I'm not one for drinking and partying, as those things definitely effect how you look the next day. You can buy as many creams as you want, but it's really about how you take care of yourself.

Check back tomorrow for full coverage of the Supima design competition.