Heidi Montag shows us what's real on the new cover of People Magazine.

Less than a week after she confessed her plastic surgery obsession in a People cover story, reality star Heidi Montag told "Good Morning America" she's not actually addicted to cosmetic enhancements.

She just really, really likes them a lot.

Montag told "GMA" news anchor JuJu Chang that the 10 cosmetic procedures she underwent during a 10-hour period on Nov. 20 have been exaggerated by the press and a public anxious to label "The Hills" star shallow. Oh, the horror.

Montag's latest confessional comes as she's about to promote her new CD, entitled "Superficial." After telling People, "I'm beyond obsessed" with plastic surgery, she insisted to "GMA" that her obsession doesn't border on addiction.

"If you are addicted to something you do it all the time," she said. "If I was addicted I would have had 10 different surgeries. I've only really had two different surgeries."

Montag had a rhinoplasty on her nose and a breast augmentation which gave her triple D-cup breasts three years ago.

"Isn't triple D enough,?" Chang asked Montag. The star smiled and said, "I just want to be the best me."

As for critics who suggested she was morphing into Barbie, Montag said, "I hope I get my own Barbie one day," but added, "I think I look like a different, improved version of me."

Chang asked Montag if critics were right in suggesting that her alterations were done to promote her music career. "I would say none of those people know me, they are making a judgment," Montag told Chang during a sit down in her California home. The juxtaposition of the surgeries and the CD release was, "Just God's Timing."

Besides, Montag explained, her divine interventions were more tweaks than anything else. The work was also defended by her Beverly Hills, Calif. surgeon, Dr. Frank Ryan. It included a revision of a prior breast augmentation, a mini-brow lift, chin reduction, buttocks augmentation, ear pinning, liposuction on her hips, thighs and waist as well as the injection of cosmetic fillers in several parts of her young face.

Ryan told "GMA" some of his work on Montag was not as invasive as people might imagine and added, "It's safe." Montag is not Ryan's first reality television client. He also features before and after surgery photos of former Kiss star Gene Simmons and his longtime companion Shannon Tweed, on his Web site.

Other board-certified surgeons have questioned the ethics of performing that much surgery on an attractive 23-year-old woman who has already gone under the knife. Ryan's response, "I disagree, it's not that much surgery." He also suggested the amount of work Montag had is fairly typical in young Hollywood.

How is Montag feeling after her tweaks? Well, the answer may have come when Chang asked the um, singer, if she could
do an impromptu performance during the interview. Montag, whose face is still a tad swollen, declined saying her jaw still hurt.

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