Ivana bares it all.

Talk about playing your Trump card... or, ahem, cards.

We're still reeling from the sight of a 60-year-old Ivana Trump clad in nothing but a nude-colored strapless bra and panty set as she stripped for a life drawing challenge on UK reality show "Celebrity Big Brother."

(Something tells us that not even George Orwell ever envisioned this kind of depravity.)

The reality show, in which marginally famous celebrities are forced to live together in a house and perform tasks as cameras roll 24/7, called on Trump and glamour model Nicola T. to pose in their underwear while contestants like Vinnie Jones and Sisqo sketched them.

And though nude underwear is about as easy to pull off as cement shoes, Donald's ex did herself proud, adding black sheer stockings and glam gold heels as she struck kittenish poses on a chaise lounge.

We admire Ivana's confidence, and, truth be told, her bod's not half-bad for a grandmother of two.

But please Ivana, moving forward, stick with a bathrobe. Flat tummy or no, there's just some things we don't need to see.

However, feel free to ogle Cristiano Ronaldo in his Emporio Armani undies all you like.