Catherine Zeta-Jones' bad hair day. Photo: Doug Meszler, Splash News

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a pretty stylish lady. From her fishnet-clad Fosse style in "Chicago" to her perennially smoky eyes and curve-hugging gowns in real life, she's usually the picture of perfection.

So what in the name of Carrie Bradshaw is that scrunchie doing on her head?!

We all have bad hair days, and we've all thrown our yet-to-be-blow-dried hair up in a bun to run out to the store on occasion. But we never -- NEVER -- use scrunchies.

While leggings, tapered pants (AKA skinny jeans) and other past fashion sins have made comebacks, we highly doubt the scrunchie ever will.

So, Zeta-Jones, get yourself a normal ponytail holder and we can forget about this whole thing.

Try the Goody Colour Collection (a personal fave). The low-profile elastic ponytail holders come in a range of shades so they blend right into your hair. Plus, no metal parts, so (just like a scrunchie) they won't snag.