Models at Marc Jacobs' MBFW Fall 09 Show. Credit: Getty Images

Did you know it was National Model Week?

No, really.

The web site has decided that these gorgeous creatures have -- for too long! -- toiled in the obscurity of magazine covers and multi-zillion dollar advertising campaigns. Time to give these girls some props!

"National Model Week is about celebrating the contributions of models that inspire whole sectors of economic activity," says Nadia Hosni, Modelinia's Editorial Director. "They are creative engines for fashion and beauty and are one of the most ethnically and nationally diverse groups of women in any industry. Models are some of the most socially conscious individuals, giving back in a myriad of ways that reflect the richness and variety of their backgrounds and experiences."

The Week is also pegged to the theme of this year's Costume Institute gala at the Metropolitan Museum, "The Model as Muse."

According to the Modelinia press release: "In line with Mayor Michael Bloomberg's call for volunteerism with NYC Service models will be out and about during National Model Week in their communities giving back including model Coco Rocha speaking to and inspiring youth at the Tribeca Family Festival, Saturday May 2nd at the Modelinia booth. The citywide plans are open to mere mortals, so all New Yorkers have the opportunity to look good and do good!"

Well you know, it's not exactly Black History Month, but it's a start. And for a very cool Modelinia presentation on the history of models, click here.