Snooki jersey shore hair pouf

Snooki admits hairspray addiction. Photo: MTV/Scott Gries

What's one thing MTV's surprise hit "Jersey Shore" has taught its viewers? The bigger the hair, the better the ratings.

Exhibit A: "Snooki," the diminutive, trash-talking 21-year-old's signature "pouf" has made her the queen of guidette beach chic.

There are those who will spoof her pouf, but to her credit, Snooki and her hair-gel-loving housemates have spawned endless wannabes and parodies.

As we previously reported, more shows representing Garden State Style are in development and Snooki has even been talking to other networks, including VH1, about starring in her own reality dating series.

Um, picture Snooki in a "JS" version of "The Bachelorette." We can just hear her now: "take this rose and @#%$#!" (And imagine all the fist-pumping Pauly D look-alikes.)

With her cranked-up hair, skin-tight clothes and fondness for the smoky-eyed club look, StyleList thought Snooki (née Nicole Polizzi) was the perfect interpreter of Jersey girl style.

We caught up with the in-demand star before tonight's season finale via email to chat about her hate for Bumpits and love of hairspray.

StyleList: Can you describe your daily routine. How long does it take you to get ready?
Snooki: It depends where I go. If I run errands I dress casual, leggings with Uggs. Clubs take me a while. I would say two hours.

SL: What are your must-have beauty items?
Snooki: Definitely need bronzer, eyeliner and lip gloss.

SL: What's your beauty routine for a day at the beach? Are you more relaxed?
Snooki: Yes, definitely more relaxed. But I still go to the beach in full makeup.

SL: We've heard you say you wear your hair in your signature 'pouf' because you are so petite. Is that really why, or do you just like it that way?
Snooki: It definitely adds height to me. LOL! But I love the style and I love big hair.

SL: Are there Bumpits involved in creating that 'do?
Snooki: No. I hate Bumpits. I actually bought them right when the first commercial came out. I put it in my hair and then I started walking and the thing fell out of my hair. Terrible. I don't even need it.

SL: Do you use hairspray for hold?
Snooki: A lot of hairspray. I spray my hair like 5 minutes straight.

SL: We're assuming you like to shop. Where are your favorite spots to pick our your shore look?
Snooki: I love Bebe, Juicy, Armani and Ed Hardy. I love my Ed Hardy hats. As you can see on the show, I just wear them when I don't feel like doing my hair.

SL: You talk so openly about your height. Is it difficult finding clothes when you are short?
Snooki: Not at all, when I want a dress, I can just get a large shirt and wear it as a dress!!!! It is definitely hard to find pants though.

SL: You are always so tan. Do you ever use self-tanner? Please tell us you use sunscreen!
Snooki: Ha Ha. I hardly tan! I'm half Spanish so I got a year round tan going on. I don't need to tan, but when I want to, I will.

SL: Who are your celebrity style icons?
Snooki: I'm not sure I have a celeb icon for fashion. I just do me. I like to look good and if I can pull it off, I will.

SL: Finish this sentence (and you can't say Snooki). The most stylish celebrity from Jersey is ...
Snooki: LOL!!!! I would totally say me, but I'd say (DJ)Pauly. He is always looking fresh. He's such a cutie.

SL: What is your best beauty advice?
Snooki: Always make sure you look legit. You never want to look pale.That's my pet peeve. Always look tan and have that smoky eye going on!

Don't miss the "Jersey Shore" season finale tonight at 10/9 C on MTV and check out the skimpy tops JWoWW is now selling (fake tan note included).

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