Bond No. 9's The Scent of Peace. Courtesy Photo

Over the past week, the heartbreaking reports we've seen from Haiti have left us wondering how we can help.

One of the best methods is to text 90999 HAITI, to donate $10 to The American Red Cross. So far, this campaign has raised a staggering $24 million to help benefit Haiti.

Another great way to give: Through your everyday beauty purchases. If you're shopping for a perfume, in need of a hair cut, or have a corporate budget to spend, here are few gorgeous ideas:

Hair For Haiti: On Sunday, January 24th the Patrick Melville Salon in Manhattan is throwing a fundraiser event called Hair for Haiti. If you book an appointment between 12 and 6 pm, every penny you spend will be donated to help aid the crisis in Haiti, via The American Red Cross and a few other charities depending on the amount of money raised. Visit their website or call 212-218-8650 for a session with their hair stylists.

The Scent of Peace: Bond No. 9 is donating 10% of proceeds from the sale of their fragrance The Scent of Peace to The American Red Cross to assist communities impacted by the earthquake.

Hygiene for Haiti: Blue Water Distributing is looking for corporate partners the help aid personal hygiene in Haiti. The company has a new product, called the "Great Planet Personal Wash Cloth," which they designed for members of the military, campers and outdoorsy folks to keep clean in lieu of a shower. It allows people to clean themselves with real soap, using very little water.

The product is new and not yet distributed, but if corporate sponsors (or enough donors) sign on they could successfully send shipments to Haiti. For more information, visit, call 952-201-9182 or email