Twilight jacket bb dakota bella

Channel your inner Bella in BB Dakota's "Twilight" jacket. Photo courtesy of BB Dakota

Here's what we want to know: If we dress like Bella, will we find our Edward? Hey, we're not picky, a Jacob will work, too.

Well, "Twilight" followers, now's your chance to find out. When fans saw BB Dakota's blue cotton canvas jacket -- worn by Bella in the first movie in the vampire-centric saga -- it became love at first bite, er, sight. Oh and the $70 price tag didn't suck, either.

And, with the popularity of "New Moon" rising, the California-based clothing company is sinking its teeth into a new collection based on the immortally beloved jacket, WWD reports. Look for Bella-rific plaid shirts, skinny cords and hoodies this fall.

Turns out, just like Bella and Edward's romance, fate brought the BB Dakota jacket to the film.

"I was planning to use the brown hoodie for that sequence, but the director of photography hated the fact that her [Kristen Stewart] hair and the jacket were both brown and felt she got lost in it,'' "Twilight" costume designer Wendy Chuck told Entertainment Weekly.

So, Chuck made a last-minute run to a Nordstrom Rack to find a substitute. "I literally brought that blue one on set just before they rolled cameras."

The "Twilight" tagline asks: "When you can live forever what do you live for?" We say, one heck of a killer wardrobe.

Why stop at clothes? "Twilight" makeup can be yours, too.