Keep your suit on, buddy! Photo: Thomas Hoeffgen, Getty Images

Thinking about taking a dip in a British swimming pool? Better bring a full-length wetsuit.

We previously reported that a UK theme park banned Speedos (yay!).

But now, Torridge Pool in Northam, Devon, England has reportedly ruled that swimmers cannot shower naked post-swim (ya -- wait, what?).

That's right. Swimmers hitting the changing room showers must leave on their swimsuits thanks to a new ban enacted in response to complaints from nearby schools that claimed students demanded "a certain amount of privacy" and were offended by "open nudity," the Daily Mail reports.

Bob Demott, the pool's general manager insisted to the paper that the new rule was a fair compromise because schools had requested banning all other people from the changing rooms during thier visits.

"We do have a private room in both the male and female changing rooms that the public can request the key for should they wish to shower naked when the pupils are there," Demott told the source.

According to Demott, the pool has reportedly never had any incidents and the ban is just a precaution.

However, some visitors to the pool say that the new regulation is an overreaction, according to the paper.

"This surely is ridiculous," local Hugh Bone told the Daily Mail, claiming that he would ignore the ban and continue taking nude showers.

"People should not believe that we are all perverts. Boys and men as well as girls and women have always changed in front of each other and this is part of the growing up experience."

"We all want our children to be safe but this a step too far," a mother of two also told the source. "I don't think we should teach them that nudity is something to be ashamed of.

"We are all born naked and have our imperfections. This strikes me as health and safety gone mad."

What's your take? Should swimsuits be required in public showers? Leave a comment!

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