Keri Glassman and her antioxidant O2 Diet. Courtesy Photo

Have you had your ORAC today?

ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity – is the acronym given to fruits and veggies to describe their level of . And it's the basis of nutritionist Keri Glassman's new book, The O2 Diet.

At a luncheon at the sleek midtown W Hotel that served recipes from the book like salmon with raspberry-balsamic glaze and an avocado and sunflower seed-flecked cobb salad, the svelte mom of two told us that incorporating antioxidants with high ORAC values into your diet will make it easier to lose weight and enjoy glowing skin.

"When you choose foods like strawberries and blackberries, the antioxidants you ingest help fight disease as well as the skin's signs of aging," says Glassman. "It's not that you can't have chocolate cake – you can make it one of your conscious indulgences under my plan. But you'll find that it's more empowering to choose foods that immediately make you feel and look good," adds Glassman.

Foods that top the list of most potent amounts of ORAC include blueberries, cranberries, red delicious apples, black beans, artichoke hearts and cinnamon. Glassman outlines charts of other high ORAC choices and provides recipes and detailed menu plans for a 32 weight-loss and get-pretty-skin plan.

We even spotted recipes for chocolate-cherry buttermilk scones and sage-crusted chicken tenders in the book.

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