Project Runway Season 7 Episode 2 Tim Gunn

Those dresses look like sacks... oh wait, they are. Photo:

"Project Runway" is back in New York City for Season 7, a fact we've been shamelessly celebrating for weeks. So, now that we've met the designers and established that they're in the Big Apple, the show goes and switches things up, landing the designers at a muddy farm somewhere in the sticks. Huh? That's what we said.

The Hog Wild Challenge: Designers go on a field trip to a farm where they are greeted by models, clad in burlap potato sacks. Design mentor Tim Gunn challenges the contestants to convert the rough fabric into evening wear, manifesting their vision of the age-old expression, "She's so beautiful, she'd even look good in a potato sack." Good one, Tim.

The Twist: The "Models of the Runway" get to choose the designer who will create their look. This is a nerve-wracking collaboration since they have to wear their burlap-couture to a real live "industry party." Hmm, Lifetime is working hard to plug its after show spin-off.

The Drama: Some of the models actually abandon their episode 1 designers, causing hurt feelings. Eyes are dabbed with burlap scraps?

The Workroom Entertainment: The sniping between the talented Mila Hermanovski, 40, and our favorite drama queen Anthony Williams over the move of Mila's week one model, Alexis, to camp Anthony. Mila is bewildered, but we know why Alexis splits: Anthony is just more fun! Williams says of Mila's nasty asides, "She can kiss me and my entire family's asses."

The Guest Judge: Lauren Hutton. Ah, a timeless style icon with nothing to plug, who demonstrates a real appreciation of the designers' work. And so smashing at age 66, she would even look good in a potato sack. Can she please stay on?

The Runway Show: This really impressed the judges. Were those dresses really burlap sacks a day ago? Wait a minute. Here comes Ping Wu's dress and was that her model's butt cheeks showing? You bet your ham hocks it was.
That over-exposed moment lands Wu (who made the top three last week) in the bottom three. It also has the judge's questioning if they want to see more of the kooky designer's looks. But sure they do -- the edit room is planning a story line around her.

Meanwhile, Hermanovki gets revenge and lands in the top three by transforming her burlap into a stunning, body-hugging, metallic-looking frock.

Best Line By a Judge: Goes, once again, to designer Michael Kors for his critique of designer Pamela Ptak's cheap-looking denim-esque sheath. "Actually, she might look better in a potato sack," he says of Ptak's model. Ouch!

And see which actress wore an PR alum's gown to the Golden Globes.

Who's In: Gap children's wear stylist Jay Nicolas Sario for an intricate party dress that Hutton calls, "abstract and lovely." A huge coup for the designer, considering that Gunn was frantic Sario would not finish dying his ambitious garment, never mind constructing it.

We Want To See More: Of Texas designer Amy Sarabi's looks. She lands in the top three with a way cool halter dress, noteworthy for impeccable construction and the way it transformed blah burlap into a thing of wonder.

Who's Out: Ptak. Which is too bad because the 47-year-old college instructor seems like a nice lady and got kudos for a stunning dye job on her garment. The judge's question her taste level and she's cleaning up her work space to head home to PIttsfield, Mass. Once judge Nina Garcia pronounces your look "cheap" you just can't make it work.