What constitutes an appropriate tip at the salon? Photo: Getty Images

How many people know you as well -- and have as much influence over your looks -- as your hair stylist? There is, perhaps, no one more important to your beauty regimen, so it only makes sense to treat them as well as they treat you. Even though tipping is a customary way to end your beauty salon session, many women still wonder about who to tip what. Our friends at iVillage.com have offered some tips about, well, tipping:

In an informal poll from Aveda, iVillage.com reports on their site that tips ranged from 10 percent to 25 percent, but most women said they stick with 20 percent. Geography had some influence on this number, as those in bigger cities often left more, even though the cost of the service was more. Women who frequent the salon every four to six weeks tended not to give as much because their annual bill was so high already. Stylists in smaller towns or mall salons were likely to get smaller tips.

According to the salon experts though, hair stylists want everyone to start at 20 percent to be fair. Those who arrive late, have a toddler in tow or get squeezed in at the last minute should give more. Also, if your service includes a scalp or shoulder massage, you should increase your tip. Handing out at least 20 percent helps build a positive relationship with your stylist. Plus, it may just give him or her an extra incentive to spend more time on your mane and get you in when you really need it -- even if it's Friday at 5:00pm.

Another frequent question for salon-goers includes: Should we tip the shampoo person, and if so, how much? The answer is "yes". Don't assume your stylist shares tips. Instead, thank everyone individually. As a rule of thumb, try to give $3 to $5 to the shampooer.

And lastly, the age-old rule of not tipping the owner doesn't apply anymore. Give him or her the same 20 percent.

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