Yummie Tummy shapewear model slimming slip

Yummie Tummie shapewear smoothes lumps and bumps. Photo: Yummie Tummie

For us, leaving the house without body slimmers and shape smoothers is like a day without a skinny cinnamon dolce latte or a lazy weekend without a "Jersey Shore" marathon. So, we were anxious to check out the newly redesigned Yummie Tummie Website.

The shapewear brand's tank can be worn by itself, or as a layering piece, and no one ever has to know you spent last night with a ham sandwich and chips watching Snookie, when you probably should have been sweating it out at the gym.

In light of the new and improved Website, we checked in with celebrity stylist and Yummie Tummie creator Heather Thomson for answers to five burning shapewear questions that will keep you looking hot.

So, we went a little crazy over the holidays, and things are a bit squishy. Will a slimmer really smooth things out?
Heather Thomson: I personally found that the words sexy and shapewear simply could not be used in the same sentence, and my question as a designer was 'why not?'

Shapewear that chaffed, rubbed, rolled up, pinched and pushed was antiquated and my answer was and always is ... if you gain a few extra pounds after the holidays ... Yummie Tummie is your new best friend -- a modern and innovative product that will make you look and feel great. You don't have to compromise comfort or style while improving your womanly silhouette.

SL: Now that Valentine's Day is around the corner. Is there lingerie that smooths -- even after we scarf down half a box of chocolates?
HT: Our top seller that brings any woman from the boardroom to the bedroom -- even after a box of chocolates -- is our sexy, sophisticated and slimming 'must-have' 'Teddie.' This piece is both alluring and comfortable and creates an hourglass figure while giving you all the coverage and confidence you need.

SL: Speaking of lingerie, which slimming styles get the job done yet are hot enough to be seen?
HT: I only want to wear what makes me feel good – my 'Camie Pantie' is both sexy and has built-in moderate control to slim the tummie, my 'Peek-a-Boo Cami' is a full body slip that looks so good you could wear it as a dress, all three pairs of my Yummie Tummie bottoms -- 'Shortie,' 'Briefie' and 'Thong' -- slim, smooth and, if worn over a pair of tights, make you feel like Lady Gaga or Beyoncée performing on stage!"

Yummi Tummie Shapewear Website

The newly launched Yummie Tummie Website. Photo: Yummie Tummie

SL: We see you've added some apparel to the site. How does that work when it comes to slimming?
HT: We have been expanding since we launched and our latest collections have added elements of ready-to-wear that literally take the shapewear category to an entirely new level.

Our fashion meets function mission, our patented technology and innovative designs are what the spring collection is all about. From fun and flirty tops to beautiful prints and colors, each piece is designed with a hidden slimming midsection panel on the inside layer so no one will ever know you are being slimmed and smoothed.

What's the one Yummie Tummie item no woman should live without?
HT: I get dressed everyday and use Yummie Tummie as my third essential – your bra, your panties and your Yummie Tummie. Our Yummie Tummie tanks were designed to match the personality of the women buying them. Regardless of your body type, bra size, comfort level and style -- don't get dressed until you put on your Yummie Tummie.

From the 'Original Tank,' to the 'Strappy,' to the 'Undercover' or our latest addition, the 'Natalie' – you will need one for everyday dressing. The slimming midsection panel will give you the smoothing and slimming you need to make an everyday outfit become your favorite look.

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