Lotion Up! Photo: Getty Images

You don't have to settle for dry and dull skin when the weather turns cold. Just follow a few simple beauty tips and you can beat the wintertime blahs and give your complexion the healthy, glowing look it deserves.

"In the winter, you need to add products to your skin-care regime to protect yourself from the harsh elements; if you're using a normal, lightweight moisturizer, bump it up to a more emollient one," Dawn Diorio, a national trainer and aesthetician for Ahava, told Elle.com. When choosing a lotion, Diorio recommends finding one that contains glycerin, aloe and vitamin E to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins from the skin.

In addition to your daily moisturizer, a serum can also help protect your skin and lock in more moisture. "You need to layer your skin care just as you layer your clothes," Diorio said. "A serum penetrates and hydrates cells in the lower layer of the skin so that when they rise to the surface, they're plump and healthy."

What you do on the inside can be just as important as what you do on the outside, so don't neglect what you eat and drink. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds can help rid your skin of free radicals and boost new cell turnover. Other healthy items that keep the skin hydrated include fruit, green tea and of course, water.

Your bathing habits can also affect your skin. While a nice, long hot shower or bath may feel great on a cold winter night, keep it to a minimum. Hot or warm water can be extremely drying because the more water that hits the skin, the more it breaks down the natural fats and cells on the surface. After bathing, blot your skin lightly and immediately follow with a good all-over moisturizer.

When you're at it saving your winter skin, why not save the planet too?