Welcome to the beauty doldrums -- those ho-hum midwinter days when it's too bleak to fathom wearing spring's shiny, happy makeup shades of frothy peach and delicate lilac. But you're through with fall's 80s kick. We mean, a girl can only wear so much red lipstick.

The cure? Decorated digits. We believe the phrase "your eyes are the windows to your soul," is off by a few feet. Come winter, fingernails are the place to flaunt your flare. They show off your style chops without being too obvious, acting as beacon of light to your muted winter wardrobe.

Our friends at Glamour have put together a guide to the latest nail polish trends -- ones that fashion-forward celebrities are already flaunting. From high-impact Minx Nails to edgy matte colors to goth-inspired lacquer, you definitely won't get bored with these hot new nail treatments.