We've heard of "Sweatin' to the Oldies," but...

Jane Fonda has announced that she'll be slipping on her old belted leotard and legwarmers for two new aerobics videos at the ripe ol' age of 72, the Telegraph reports.

(In related news, your mother just fist-pumped the air.)

Fonda made the announcement on her JaneFonda.com blog, according to the paper, which reports that the latest "Jane Fonda Workout" -- distributed by Lionsgate -- will start filming in March with a DVD release date set for early 2011.

"[My new DVD] will target an audience that has been left out: My age group and the boomers," Fonda reportedly said. "I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did. I can't wait."

We don't blame her. Her '80s-ers exercise tapes (the original was released in '82) -- which, we totally admit, formed the basis for many a mother-daughter bonding session in our households -- reportedly sold 17 million copies. That buys a whole lot of tan pantyhose.

For now, Fonda appears to be in full planning mode as she prepares to "feel the burn."

"What should I wear," she blogged to fans. "Curious to hear from you about this.

"These folks I'm working with can do these productions with their eyes closed. I have to laugh when I think of when I did the first ever... still the biggest-selling video of all time. We had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room."

(Really? We thought lines like "and reach, and stretch, and hold" were painstakingly crafted by Hollywood's finest.)

"Who knew that that video would launch the video business," Fonda continued. "Literally, people weren't willing to pay a lot for the hardware, the machinery, when they had nothing they wanted to watch over and over... till my JF Workout. Stay tuned."

Oh, we will, Jane. And as a show of support we'll be sending you some gold lame Spandex from American Apparel. What else would a "Golden Girl" wear to get her groove on?

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