If we wanted advice on, say, stage-diving, Courtney Love would be at the top of our list.

But makeup tips? Not so much.

That hasn't stopped the controversial rocker from posting a five-part beauty tutorial series on her Twitter feed. (See them all in the above video.)

Thanks, Court, but why the sudden interest in makeup artistry? Turns out -- shocker -- she enjoys experimenting.

"It could come out like children's fingerpainting," say Love, stating the obvious. "I am by no means a makeup artist."

In addition to showing off how to master a "drag eye," the self-proclaimed "Skin Whore" also offers up product recommendations, including the SKN Beverly Hills skincare line from Drs. Marvin and Vicki Rapaport.

So, does Love have a future as the next Lauren Luke? Or should she stick to changing the world one scream at a time?

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