blair underwood new york giants super bowl trophy

Blair Underwood with the New York Giants Super Bowl trophy. Photo courtesy of Joseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud Apparel unveiled its new showroom for a crowd of more than 300 guests, many of whom were larger than life, literally.

And what started as a celebration of a new men's clothing showroom quickly turned into a sports and fashion chatter-fest.

Former NBA players, actors and even a few football players turned up to show their support for company president Marty Staff, to size up each others' clothes and chat about the Superbowl.

As you might not expect, talk turned to clothing, which had StyleList asking "What item should be eliminated from your closet?"

"The Sopranos" star Steve Schrippa wants to toss more than half his closet. "I just lost 22 pounds and I have all these huge shirts that my wife wants me to throw out," he told StyleList. "I refuse. I'm afraid I'm going to get fatter again."

Former castmate Michael Imperioli admitted to having a couple of jogging suits that would have been at home on "The Sopranos" set, "probably a velour track suit or two," he nodded.

Former NBA player Allen Houston and Banks have suits they should toss. "I have a charcoal gray suede suit," Houston told us. "It fits well, it's nice, but it's too hot. I think it's out."

Carl Banks' bane is a double-breasted pinstripe Saville Row suit. "I probably should get rid of it. I had it tailored in London in '87," he said. "It still fits, but it's theatrically dandy. I can't get rid of it because it's too well-made."

But Blair Underwood, who admitted to living in scrubs (even though he's never played a doctor on TV) had the piece de resistance: a leather ski suit. "A black leather ski suit," he corrected us. What we would give to see that.

Speaking of fashion faux -- sometimes regrettable items in closets aren't so bad, considering what just occurred at men's fashion week.