Find the perfect foundation for your skin tnone. Photo: Getty Images

Did you know most women go through seven different foundations before finding the right one for their skin? Sounds like a daunting process, but for those of us who wear makeup, we can relate. Choosing the perfect foundation is not just about matching the shade to your skin -- it's about making sure it complements your skin type, evens out your tone, gives you a healthier glow and covers any troublesome spots. But rest assured, finding the right foundation doesn't have to be difficult -- that is, if you keep these tips in mind:

Choose a foundation makeup with a yellow undertone. It doesn't matter if your skin is pale white or darker, we all have some yellow in our skin and a matching foundation will blend better, complement your complexion and make you look healthier. Stay away from foundations that have a pink, peach or white shade because these will end up looking unnatural.

Never try a shade that is so different from your natural color, even if you want to look darker or more tanned, because this just ends up looking fake. The best rule of thumb is to always pick a product that matches your skin as closely as possible.

When shopping for a new foundation, put several swatches of different shades on your cheeks and forehead. Your skin tone can vary on different areas of your face, so it's wise to test products in more than one spot.

Change foundations throughout the year. Many women tend to get paler, drier skin in the winter and darker, more oily skin in the summer. Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons, your foundation should too.

When looking for the perfect product, offers some suggestions on her site:

"If you have a dull, dry complexion, try a hydrating foundation. There are moisturizing foundations that deliver sheer coverage (like tinted moisturizers or balms) or medium to full coverage (like creamy liquids and whipped foundations). Stay away from powder and mattifying formulas."

"If you have oily skin, try an oil-absorbing foundation. Look for buzzwords like oil-free, mattifying, or shine-reducing on the foundation's packaging."

And, "if you have combination skin, try a foundation with silica beads and lecithin. The silica beads soak up oil on your t-zone (forehead, nose & chin), while the lecithin hydrates dryer areas like your cheeks."

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