Steve Jobs shows off the new iPad, could he create an iJeans app? Photo: Ryan Anson

First off, Steve Jobs -- we love you. We really do. Your Apple products have improved our lives in countless ways and, sadly, most days we spend more quality time with your iPhone than with our boyfriends.

But Steve, your persistence of the black mock turtleneck and baggy Levi's 501 jeans uniform is disconcerting. We are so glad that you are feeling better and with serious health issues aside, we feel compelled to tell you that those dreaded mom jeans which you showed off (yet again) at today's iPad launch have got to go.

We're all for consistency and sticking with a signature style, but the first Apple model from the 70s has evolved, and so should you and your wardrobe, no?

The slightly faded jeans with the extra long inseam -- also famously favored by President Obama -- is just making you look out of touch (and the faded New Balance sneaks don't help either), when we know you aren't. You're one of the most forward-thinking people out there -- now look like it!

Our gentle suggestion: use your sleek and modern gadgets as your guide (and take a sliver of your $5.1 billion net worth) and invest in some slim, flat-front slacks, tailored just for you. Or, sticking with the relaxed Silicon Valley vibe, some more up-to-date jeans.

Believe us, we'll love you even more for it.