Kate goes bleach blonde with silver streaks. Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN

Here at StyleList we've been following the strange mini-trend of young women going gray on purpose.

Now Kate Moss has gone to the gray side! Moss was spotted last night at the Longchamp party (to launch her signature collection Kate Moss for Longchamp) with silver streaks running through her blonde hair (Elle UK confirms the trendy graylights), chopped and blown into a messy-glam long bob.

The look was in line with the silver streaks at Chanel Couture Spring 2010 earlier this week.

Giles Deacon and Gareth Pugh both showed matte gray hair for their Spring 2010 shows, and girl-about-London Pixie Geldof has worn the look for a few months now.

Also at the Paris Couture shows, 13 year old blogger Tavi is making a statement in the front rows with her newly blue-gray hair, which she's chronicaled on her blog, The New Girl in Town, and is in line with the grayed-out watercolor tones we saw on the spring runway at Proenza Schouler and on Ashley Olsen in December.

Now, we're all for children and 20-somethings running with this trend, and love its originality. But we're wondering if it's appropriate for Moss, who recently celebrated her 36th birthday? If you already have a natural few grays, are you too old to wear this style?

Tell us what you think, leave a comment below!

Kate's new 'do. Photo: BAUER-GRIFFIN