That itchy, stinky hair coloring experience you dread at the salon could be a thing of the past.

Currently previewed in 200 salons cross country and set to roll out in May, L'Oréal Professionnel's INOA is the first ammonia-free permanent hair color range that delivers true full coverage – including over those pesky greys. Since there's no smelly ammonia in the product, there's no reason to pour on the fragrance, which is the culprit behind the scratchy irritation many women feel while processing hair color.

The result? A soft, smooth experience that you can actually relax in.

At the recent launch event in a sleek, sexy space in Chelsea, we disbelievingly put a bowl of freshly whipped-up color to the test with our curious noses. The verdict? A surprisingly gentle "neutral" type of hair product scent - not one we would ever associate with hair color.

Ted Gibson – hair beautifier to famous brunettes Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway – was on hand to endorse the hair color; his Master Colorist Jason Backe has been using the new formula on fussy NYC clients to glowing reviews.

L'Oreal Professional's new Inoa line of hair color. Courtesy Photo

"Women have forever been making compromises when they color their hair. They deal with smell, pain, and even less healthy hair after it's all over. My mission is to give my clients the ultimate experience, and this has really delivered," says Gibson.

While running his fingers through a striking straight-haired model's red locks, Backe says, "You can always gauge a good colorist by how they do redheads. Our reds in this range are all soft and sexy. I call it the 'b-tches are going to hate you' kind of hair!"

Hair color mixing has always been hidden in the back of the salon because of the goop and stink, but Gibson's New York salon will feature the first INOA atelier in the U.S., where clients can watch as their color is scooped and blended.

Better technology does come with a price; the INOA hair color line will cost an average of 20% more than its traditional counterparts. But L'Oréal Professionnel's General Manager Alejandro Lopez is predicting big things for the line.

"This is the iPhone of the hair color industry."

Fortunately for Lopez, his sleek black suit wins more fashion points than the mom jeans Steve Jobs sported at the iPad launch!