Getting dressed is never as easy as it should be. Putting together the pitch perfect outfit can often seem like a complex geometric equation. What top to go with those flared trousers? Are these accessories weighing me down or do I need more? Which black shoe goes best?

Throw in the fact that all women are proportioned differently and one ensemble manifests into an infinite number of possibilities.

To help simplify the art of dressing, we've enlisted uber-stylist, author, and TV personality Sam Saboura to host the StyleList's newest video series, "My Body, My Style." In each episode he will offer insight into how real women of varying sizes should dress for their shape. We'll build three outfits for each body type: an office look, a weekend ensemble; and an out-on-the-town blockbuster.

For those ladies that are feeling wardrobe-challenged (and who doesn't?), it's definitely worth a peek. For example, do bustier women realize that not wearing a statement necklace can help to elongate your upper half?

Whether you're pear shaped, have a long torso, or are full-figured, you won't want to miss the rest of our tips for finding the best clothes for your shape, in the "My Body, My Style" series.