Makeup guru Trish McEvoy. Courtesy Photo

Trish McEvoy's line of makeup, skincare and fragrance has captured the hearts of countless beauty-obsessed women over the years. But even though her brand is more than three decades old, Trish couldn't be more modern.

In fact, the beauty guru confessed to us that she's set to cameo on "Gossip Girl" this March. She'll be appearing as herself, doing the makeup backstage at the Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show.

During filming, McEvoy wore products from her new spring collection, which hold up to the scrutiny of high definition cameras: Gorgeous Lip Colors, Sparkle Eye Base Essentials and Deluxe Diamond Eye Shadows.

"My new collection is made with light-reflective properties that are so perfect for both high definition television as well as everyday life," she says.

"These textures give a radiance to the skin, lips and eyes. They really draw attention to the features you want to highlight, but doesn't make you look like you're wearing makeup!"

McEvoy is also catering to fans -- young and older -- with online offers and educational in-store appearances. "We're going to put more focus on the web, from Facebook to our website. The most important part of our social media outreach is the communication with our fans and friends," says McEvoy.

Trish McEvoy's new Deluxe Diamond Eye Shadows and Gorgeous Lip Color. Courtesy Photo

"It'll be a place where people can ask questions, get opinions, speak about what's new and exciting, get and give tips, and just speak about everyday life." Psst, there will be limited-edition special promotions and sneak-peek info on new products, too, so log on and friend Trish now!
In store, McEvoy will take on the role of a teacher to her clients. "My personal appearances are basically makeup master classes that teach women, step-by-step, how to achieve a look that is perfect for them," says McEvoy. She'll punctuate each appearance with special offers on products that'll vary depending on the location -- so ardent fans may want to follow her from store to store.

And for those of us who are absolutely in love with Trish's 4 Eau de Toilette (a delicious gardenia musk mix), there's a new, even more intense version called Sexy 4.

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