Hillary Clinton tripping stairs shoe and Nicolas Sarkozy

Clinton loses her footing, only to be saved by Nicolas Sarkozy. Photo: AP

Hill, meet heels.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nearly became the political version of runway roadkill today when she accidentally stepped out of her black kitten-heel pumps, the Daily Mail reports.

Thankfully, she had a knight in shining armor (well, a nice suit) to stop her from doing a total face plant, and it was none other than French President Nicolas Sarkozy!

(Tripping in front of the flawlessly chic Carla Bruni's husband? Quelle horreur!)

The diplomatic incident occurred on the steps of Paris' Elysee Palace, where Clinton was reportedly meeting with French politicans to discuss European security policies.

Zzzzzzzzz. Thank goodness Clinton's stumble livened things up.

On the other hand, we now owe France Jerry Lewis and the Statue of Liberty as a sign of gratitude.

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