diana ross 1987 red dress

Diana Ross, not the next celeb turned designer. Photo: Getty Images

Websites (including StyleList) were abuzz yesterday with the news -- originally broken by trusted fashion industry paper WWD -- that Steve Madden and Diana Ross were teaming up for a Foot Locker sneaker line.

But after thinkning about the pairing a bit more, it started to seem slightly off. Red platforms, maybe, but a line of sneakers... at Foot Locker -- it just didn't add up.

Alas, after digging a little deeper into The Curious Case of Diana Ross x Steve Madden, and talking to the shoe god himself, it seems our suspicions were justified.

"While it would be supreme to work with an icon like Diana Ross, we are not collaborating with her on any projects," Madden told StyleList exclusively.

Explaining to us that he had said it jokingly during an investors conference in Laguna Beach, Calif., and that a reporter innocently misinterpreted it as fact:

"When recently pressed about potential partnerships with musicians, I made this comment in jest only because she's so beautiful and fashionable and a true music legend."

So, all you girls queued up for some glitter-, tulle- or marabou-adorned sneakers will need to return home now, because despite Madden's endless love for Diane Ross, looks like this lady is not singing the shoes.

Are you bummed or relieved? Let us know in a comment.

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