The good: Rihanna. The Bad: Kate Perry. The Ugly: Kesha. Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to guts and originality, we look forward to the Grammy Awards over all of the other star-studded red carpets during awards season.

Singers push the limits when it comes to beauty. They either aren't as afraid as their silver screen sisters to make a style snafu, or they just don't care. Which brings us some makeup highs, and some crashing lows.

Cue the cowboy music, here is tonight's "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:"

The Good! Tonight, we saw the usual bevy of gorgeous looks -- the one that stood out most to us was Rihanna. Her shining silver shadow (a big red carpet trend this year) and dark lashes made her brown eyes glow orange, and looked gorgeous and elegant with her stark white dress.

The Bad! Katy Perry paired her elegant Zac Posen dress with a golden bindi on her forehead. "I have this whole kinda Indian thing because we came back from India a couple of weeks ago," she told Ryan Seacrest of her look. The bindi on a clean face would have looked fantastic, but paired with purple and yellow gold eye shadow and bubble gum pink lips, Perry looked more peacock than pretty.

The Ugly! We're not afraid to admit that Kesha is our guilty pleasure; "Tic Tok" and "Kiss and Tell" are at the top of our playlist. So we really, really, wanted to love the look the singer chose for her first big national appearance. We didn't. Her eyes looked like they had been hit by a sparkle meteorite, her liner was a little too Cleopatra, and the feather in her hair...oh my.