Pink performance grammys 2010 nude unitard hanging upside down wet glitter in the air

Pink shows off her sheer strength and unitard. Photo: Robyn Beck, AFP/Getty Images

When you routinely perform spinning from cables high up in the air, maybe you have to come up with new ways to thrill.

That's our best guess on the logic behind the was-she-nude-or-wasn't-she ensemble Pink opted to wear during her "Glitter in the Air" (literally) performance at the 2010 Grammys.

While she started out in a white boxing/spa-inspired hooded robe, the singer then stripped down, revealing what appeared to be a sheer-ish unitard that perfectly matched her skin color and featured white fabric bandage insets covering the key intersections. Part-way through her act, Pink was soaked with water from above.

Thrilling, indeed!

Oddly though, the performance seemed less sexual than athletic, even if it showed far, far more skin that J.Lo famously flaunted in the infamous split-down-to-there Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys. Pink's getup was shocking at first, but once she got going, it seemed more like a gymnast's outfit than a stripper's.

Check it out and judge for yourself.

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