One love; the new limited-edition Diet Coke can honoring the Heart Truth and Red Dress Collection. Photo: Courtesy of Diet Coke

Diet soda lovers rejoice! Drinking your favorite Coca-Cola beverage has never been so fashionable!

As part of Diet Coke's annual partnership with The Heart Truth campaign, the company has just introduced limited-edition "heart graphic" cans, each of which feature a large -- and just plain cute -- sketch of a big red heart.

Like our daily Heart Truth factoids that we started rolling out last week, the goal of the new design is to increase awareness about heart disease - the number one killer of women in America. It also is intended to inspire people to incorporate healthy activities into their lives and encourage others to do the same.

In addition to StyleList, there are plenty of tips on how to maintain a healthy heart on a designated area of Diet Coke's website. (The site also includes highlights from last year's Red Dress Collection fashion show to tide you over until this year's show on February 11, which we'll be covering here on StyleList.)

There's nothing like the present to start a new, healthier heart routine! Find out how you can participate with our heart-loving factoids.