Follow these makeup tips to disguise your lines. Photo: Getty Images

Nobody wants them, and yet they continue to show up year after year just like the in-laws at Thanksgiving.

Wrinkles may be a definite part of getting older, but we don't have to like them -- and we don't have to show them off either. With a few simple makeup tips, you can hide those annoying lines and finally look as young as you feel!

Makeup Tip #1 -- Always start with a good moisturizer to help your foundation glide on smoothly. No matter what your age, it's still important to protect your skin from the sun, so choose a moisturizer that contains a minimum SPF of 15. Also, one with light-diffusing properties will make your skin glow and appear brighter and smoother.

Makeup Tip #2 -- Don't skip the foundation. Yes, it can get into the creases around your eyes and mouth, but only if you choose the wrong one. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone exactly and apply it lightly and evenly after your moisturizer.

Makeup Tip #3 -- As an alternative to foundation, you can also try a tinted or glowing moisturizer. They provide a touch of color which is easy to apply uniformly. And because it's not as thick as traditional foundations, you don't have to worry about it calling attention to any wrinkles. A tinted moisturizer will also save you time in the morning because it combines the moisturizing step and foundation step into one.

Makeup Tip #4 -- Another variation from cream foundations is a loose mineral powder. These tend to work best on normal to oily skin -- with dry skin, powder can sit on top of the skin and look unnatural. It's best to apply with a large brush or powder puff and go lightly.

Makeup Tip #5 -- Aging inevitably brings on uneven skin tones. If you have areas of darker pigmentation, try a product with hydroquinone, which is a lightening agent. This works by increasing the breakdown of melanin pigment granules in the skin's pigment cells which can even out your complexion.

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