model promotion company T-shirt logo

Tanaya Henry will model your company's T-shirt... for a price. Photo:

When you think about it, models are walking billboards, especially for the companies that pay them to wear their clothing in an ad campaign.

And Tanaya Henry is ready to take that marketing idea to a whole new level by selling the shirt off her back. Literally.

The 10-year veteran model -- having posed for the likes of Catherine Malandrino, Microsoft, Hershey's, VH1, L'Oreal and Sephora -- recently launched, a site on which Henry promotes brands by wearing their logo'd T-shirts for a photo, then posting it on several social media outlets.

"It made sense to me," Henry, a Minneapolis native who now lives in New York, says in a release. "Major companies typically pay me thousands of dollars for my services. I wanted to create an opportunity for Web start-ups, small companies and entrepreneurs to also use my image for a fraction of the cost."

The site features a calendar where reservations can be made by the day for Henry's "services." The price increases each day by one dollar: Jan. 1 cost $1, while Dec. 31 is $365.

"I've made it extremely easy for you to work with me," Henry says. "Buy a day on my calendar, send me your T-shirt and other promotional swag, and I'll model your brand in a professional photo shoot. I will then write a personal blog post about your company and publish the photos to my Flickr, Facebook and Twitter accounts."

Companies who have already been showcased include Adidas, Vimeo,, the iPhone app Birdbrain, green marketing firm Element Six, Groupon and hip-hop group Atmosphere.

Social media sure is getting a whole new look.

But, it doesn't stop there. Fashion brands are jumping all over the virtual marketing bandwagon. No ifs, ands, or, um, butts.