Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham does an encore on "American Idol." Photo: AP

Victoria Beckham's appearance on the "American Idol" Season 9 auditions in Boston was a real scare. Even here at StyleList, we questioned her garish makeup and over-the-top outfits.

Listen, Victoria Beckham, you, out of anyone, don't need to worry about not making a fashion statement. Keep it low-key and you're guaranteed to be glam.

StyleList got a first glimpse of Beckham's look for the "Idol" Denver auditions. And the good news? Posh has made a mile-high improvement in the style department.

Beckham's day one hair is simple and slicked-back to show off her exquisite cheekbones. From behind the judges' table, it appears she's wearing a simple strapless -- and our guess -- expensive, purple ensemble.

Day two, she changes it up going her usual fashionista route: runway-inspired updo, sleek black dress and power heels. It's a look that may not be as appreciated by the "Idol" masses, but we get it.

Most importantly, gone are the heavily-ringed Boston eyes that suggested Posh was still on UK time and headed for a Back Bay, Boston night club.

We look forward to seeing how the style icon fares in the Midwest. She'll be about as far removed from her transcontinental life as it gets. Based on her exclusive statement to StyleList, we expected she would channel some of the same Paula Abdul-ish niceness she delivered in Boston. And indeed, she did!

"I loved Denver, such an eclectic mix of people. You had no idea who was going to walk in and how they were going to perform," she told us. "There was really a magical energy and I was so happy to be part of that special day."

While Beckham did critique a few of the competitors' good and bad outfits, she tells us her Denver's impressions more about the performances. "The look of passion, hope and dedication was a memory I will never forget.

"I will be watching the show with my fingers (and toes) crossed for every single one of them!!!"

Our favorite Denver moment was her lighthearted sparring with Simon Cowell after she fussed over a pretty contestant's tangerine sundress and "great look." When Cowell told her the women's voice annoyed him and her look didn't matter, Beckham retorted., "Yes, it does. It does when you're a star." She should know.

Now that we've had the chance to tune in for a few more "Idol" auditions, we are actually looking forward to Victoria Beckham, part deux. The revolving door of guest judges this season has produced some odd style moments.

Singer Avril Lavigne came sporting horns on her hooded sweatshirt. Joe Jonas was boy band cute, but contributed little to the judges' critiques. Katy Perry scored a hit with some reviewers for her Simon Cowell-worthy rejections, but exposed so much cleavage that even a hopeful contestant gave her a finger-wagging for her out-there bosoms.

"American Idol" Denver auditions airs Tuesday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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