Katherine Heigl hails from the "most attractive" state, Washington D.C. Photo: Getty Images

In honor of the newly crowned Miss America (Caressa Cameron from Virginia) the folks over at The Daily Beast did a quasi-scientific study to determine which states produce the most attractive people -- and which ones...don't.

The determining factors were the home states of 300+ male and female models, 125 men mentioned in a decade's worth of People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue, and the results from the Miss America and Miss USA pageants from the past 10 years.

Finally, to consider overall health and fitness -- crucial factors in being attractive -- they threw in state-by-state fitness data.

And the big winner? It's not even a state! The District of Columbia --where Katherine Heigl was born -- churns out the most beautiful natives. Hawaii, California, Connecticut and Florida round out the pretty-people top five. Sorry North Dakota; you came in last!

Check out the complete list at thedailybeast.com and then take a look at each state's Miss America contestant from this year's pageant.