Eva Longoria Tony Parker Spring 2010 London Fog ad trench coat

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria cozy up for London Fog's Spring 2010 ads. Photo: Nino Munoz

Oh, what a difference a season makes -- or not, if you look at the new London Fog ads.

Husband and wife duo Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, who appeared in the London Fog fall campaign, are back for another season.

However, other than the fact that Longoria is showing less skin, we think the two season's look extremely similar -- Parker, on the left, snuggling up to Longoria, on the right. Eva even has the same long, flowing locks and smoky eyes of last season.

After doing a little digging and watching the behind-the-scenes footage from the fall ads (seen here), it appears that the new ad was also photographed by Nino Munoz in Los Angeles on the same day.

While we think a little continuity is fine, especially given the rocky economy, the busy schedules of the couple and the timeless quality of the trench, we were hoping for something a bit fresher.

In another behind-the-scenes clip, the "Desperate Housewives" star explains that the white trench she dons in the "new," appropriately lighter ads is actually one of her favorites.

"I really like my white trench because, living in L.A. and San Antonio, we don't have the need for big heavy coats. So I love light coats," she says.

Starting last season, the power couple replaced Gisele Bündchen as the faces of London Fog. It also marked the first fashion campaign they've done together.

What do you think of the "new" ads? Let us know in a comment.

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